Thursday, December 29, 2011

My second best Kitchen friend

 My BFF Heidi  gave me this Vacuum Sealer for Christmas. It is fastly becoming my second best kitchen friend. Sorry nothing bets my Kitchen-Aid, But it's right up there. I love it. Its so compact I can leave it on the counter.  A bag holder fit on to the side. No more looking all over the kitchen for them. The cord is out in the picture. But it can hide in the back of the machine. I so love it. I even made extra for dinner last night and vacuumed it for my husbands lunches. I plan on making meals and vacuuming them for future meal when times are busy. Ok, maybe I am getting carried away. But it,s so cool. No more having to get the big one out of the storage area in the garage.
It does a great job. ( I had to get this out of the freezer to show you.) You put your food in ,then zip the top shut. Put the hand held handle on the circle. Turn it on and it does it's thing.  It shuts it self off when the air is gone. Fool proof  for people like me. You can get them on the internet at www.  I think Heidi is tired of me telling her how much I love this gift.But again it;s so cool!

I found these Ziploc bags at K-Mart. They work great with the Vacuum Sealer. They come in quart and gallon size. Now I won't have to order off the web when I run out.I am so happy! Isn't it amazing what makes me happy. Not money, just bags.  Something is wrong with me


  1. thank you for stopping by my place...I love meeting new friends..the snow is all's ok....I like dry pavement....for my old bones...Happy new year....

  2. A wonderful gift!

    Have a happy New Year!

  3. I always enjoy seeing what other ladies like using in their kitchens. I don't have a vacuum sealer, but it looks like something I may want to check into! Also, I love your "virtual cat."

  4. Us Farmgirls are very easy to please, new kitchen gadgets are the best! Looks like you are already getting good use out of it! :)

  5. I love our vacuum sealer too. Ours is different but the same result. We have a freezer full of vacuum sealed items.

  6. Cool new toy! That would make me happy too. I have been thinking of getting one of those but first I need a bigger freezer!