Monday, September 12, 2016

Starving stray kitten found under my RV

    The poor thing was skin and bones. By this I mean I could feel every bone in it's body. I already have 5 cats and a dog in our RV I couldn't add another one. ( Who am I kidding ,if I couldn't find a home for it I would of made it work) Luckily Bert my neighbor and friend wanted the kitten.   We think the kitten is about 2 months old. It was so dirty and has a old wound to the mouth. Bert took it home and has named it Peanut.
    We took it to the Vet today since it has bad diarrhea, plus to make sure it's healthy. They thought it might have parvo  which really scared me since I was around it  and parvo is very contagious for cats. I did wash my hands and change my clothes after visiting Peanut. But that didn't stop the fear in hearing those words. The test came back negative. I know that doctor could feel the tension leave the room from both of us. It does have a parasite from drinking stagnant water. The doctor gave it meds for that. He wants to wait to take care of the old wound on her mouth since she is so frail. He will address that when she is a little older. So now it is just getting the weight on her and making her feel better. Bert is my kitty angel right now for taking her in.
    As you can tell from this post I am a big cat person. The cat isn't even mine and I was crying in the doctors office  when he said she might have parvo. I am such a big baby!
      Well I has better end this post I have a cat crawling over me and my laptop to be petted.And she is letting me know that she is more important then what I am trying to write.

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  1. I'm so glad it's ok and you have found a place for it

  2. You remind me of us. We can't see an animal suffer, yet we have no more rooms at the "inn" either. Hugs.

  3. Glad Peanut is safe with you now ♥