Thursday, November 20, 2014

I can't believe I found them.

I have had two strings of these bubble lights for years and I love them. . The liquid is heated up from the light which cause them to bubble. Mine are from the 50's, these are reproductions . I would of loved to find original one ( that work) but they are really hard to find.  Truth be told, I am happy to even find these. We bought three boxes, there are 7 bubble lights on each string.  I know I will probably end up buying more. Can't help myself.

 I was also excited to find the C9 Christmas string lights.

These are also reproductions of  The original 50 style of Christmas lights. They are softer then modern lights and have a light frosted look to them.  If your interested in them or other 50's style lights they are at  True Value. I am so looking forward to putting up my tree and hanging my new lights on it.


  1. I too love those traditional lights. Beautiful.

  2. Those light are very cool. We found some in this old house after we moved in. No wires, just a couple of the bulbs. It's so neat to see them here.

  3. Brings back good memories. I still have the aluminum backings which resemble flowers that go on the back of these, I'd love to have a real tree and put on these kinds of lights..

  4. I remember novelty Christmas lights that my mom had, probably still has. Gingerbread Men are the ones that stand out for me. We always had the larger lights too. Then the GIANT bulbs outside across the guttering. They were from my grandfather's old pharmacy. You just don't see that size anymore. Congrats on your find!