Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Homemade Potato Chip that look and taste just like store bought.

These turned out AWESOME !
 I have tried many times before to make potato chips only to be disappointed. They tasted more like fried potatoes then chips. Since I was already making dehydrated potato slices I decided to try again. But this time I went along the  same bases as a dehydrated chip. Meaning I did the same prep for these as a dehydrated chip. WHO KNOW ! 

Yukon gold potatoes or yellow potatoes ( as they are sometimes called)  These are the potatoes used by the chip companies.
 paper towels

Wash and scrub your potatoes well. Do Not Peel . Slice paper thin . Don't do them so thin that you can see thru them . You want them thin but still be able to hold their shape without tearing. I used a mandolin they come out perfect. Place your slices in a bowl full of cold water and a big teaspoon of salt for 3 min. This gives it time to draw out the starch and keeps them from turning dark..  Have a pan of boiling water with a little salt ready on the stove. Place your slices one at a time.( Quickly) in the boiling water. Don't over crowd the pan . You don't want it to stop boiling. Boil for three min. Then scoop out slices and place in another bowl of clean cold water. This is to stop the cooking process.  Place on paper towels in single layers to dry. They don't have to be completely dry but you do want them fairly dry. No one likes hot oil popped on them.

If you don't have a fry daddy heat your oil to 375 . You will need at least 2 inch to 3 inch of oil . Add your potato slice one at a time. Once again making sure not to over crowd the pan. When you no longer hear the oil popping they are done. ( all the moisture has been removed ). If you like them a little darker then leave in a little long. But keep a close watch they cook fast. Remove to a plate covered in paper towels and salt. This is one time you don't want to use Kosher salt. Table salt works best.  After you have salted the batch, move to a clean paper lined plate. Salt each batch separately, this stop you from over salting the chips.
 See that potato on the spoon. It made all these chips plus the ones I snacked on while cooking." I couldn't help myself they were so good."
These end up looking and tasting just like the ones I buy with out the high cost.
One draw back to some , these won't last 6 months in your pantry since they have no add chemicals.
No problem for me since mine didn't last pass lunch. 


  1. Those look great. What kind of oil did you use?

  2. Thank you for sharing your own way on making potato chips. I want to try soon.

  3. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop!:)