Monday, June 2, 2014

How to give your mom a hear attack.

Rick and I had be out getting a new flag pole and doing other errands. Tiff called to say she was on her way to our house. I hadn't seem the girls for a week due to work. So I was real happy to see her car in the drive. I walk in to see her purse and phone on the table. No child ? I looked up stairs to see if she was laying down in the guest room. Nope no child . I yelled for her thru the house, no answer. Looked out front and in the garden no child. I then started to get a little worried. She always takes her shoes off in the house, but they won't there. Plus she would never go anywhere without her purse or phone.  I went back outside to look again. Just behind our huge oak tree I found this.
No wonder she didn't hear me yelling at her. She was sound a sleep .  A bomb wouldn't wake that child. I learned two things that day. One, no matter how old they get you still worry about them. Two when it comes to our kids ,we worry about them at a drop of a hat.  I just smiled  down at her and walked away  letting her sleep. Thankful she was safe.


  1. This is so cute! She is glad to be home and resting so peacefully! I'm glad you found her Michelle!

  2. Love the picture! Yes, we do worry about them no matter how old they are! Glad she was safe!