Thursday, May 1, 2014

Foaming Soap Recipe.

I found a foaming hand soap I really like. It's so easy. Add 2 to three tablespoon of liquid Castile soap.Depending on the amount of foam you want to a foaming hand soap bottle(I use Lemon liquid Castile soap) then I added 20 drops of jasmine essential oils. This is optional but the lemon and jasmine smell so good together. Add distilled water to the bottle just till it reaches the bottom of the mechanism . Shake and that's it. I did add a few drop of my soap coloring which gave it a pretty color.

Note : This recipe is for a foaming soap container. Not sure how it will work in a plain hand soap container. You will probably have to add more Castile soap.

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  1. I have intended to try making liquid soap, like this idea sounds so much easier than the others I have read. Thanks for sharing!