Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dark ages or Millennium ? Let your phone decide.

Went to get a new phone today. The lady asked if I wanted a smart phone .When I responded no, she replied so you don't want to join this millennium. WHAT! Since when is owning a phone make you part of a millennium. She acted like I was  from the dark ages. Heaven Forbid ,I live with out the internet strapped to my side. I went on to tell her I had a laptop and tablet, not to mention a nook at home. I think that was enough to put me in the ball park. Beside I would prefer to live my life in the real world.  Poor thing didn't caught the sarcasm. She went on to say she couldn't live without her GPS on her phone.
All of a sudden I got this picture of her phone dieing  on the way home from work and it taking her two day to find her way home.( Sometime my mind just goes off on it own thought trail.) She went on to tell me how I really need one for emergency. That I didn't want to find my self with out being able to get help. Hello 911 ! I finally made it clear that I only wanted a basic phone. You would of thought I lived in a cave from the look on her face.

This did get me thinking about technology and the world today. Don't get me wrong I love a lot of it, when used in the right way. But we have become a world of lazy people. How many people do you know that can't count back change? I don't even try to read face book post from my daughters friends. I swear they are making up works. And since when is idk or cyl a sentence. Last time I checked it was I don't know and Call you later. This is a real text from a friend of my daughters. "  What dats my movie... if i would bn born back thn i would hope to b so lucky.. lol "   (What! ) Guess I am just as bad about learning new languages, as I was with old ones.We use to call the TV the idiot box. I think were way passed that. At least back then we know the three R'S( reading, writing , and arithmetic )

 Social skills are out the window too.  People now a day have forgotten or don't know how to interact with each other face to face . And this new found freedom seems to give people the illusion that it's ok to be mean and hateful. They don't have to look people in the eye or face the harm that their words may cause.
 How many times have you gone into a restaurant and seen people sitting at the table playing on their smart phones and not paying attention to each other. My husband and were out one night and watched couple next to us not only play on their phones while waiting for they dinner, but thru the whole meal.  They never  even said one word to each other.  I ended up embarrassing my husband before it was done.  As they were leaving ,the gentlemen asked his date if she enjoyed their  evening together .  I just could hold it in.  Come on I know at lest one of you would of  giggled too.
 We waste so much of our life's playing games or living others peoples thru the net. How many times have we looked up from our laptop, tablet ,or phone to see that half the day is gone. I know I am guilty of that,  so why waste the other half of the day with a smart phone. I am not saying very one is a slave to their smart phones. But for me I don't want to take that chance. Just give me my basic phone and I am a happy camper.  Wonder if I can get a handle for that cave door.


  1. I would have laughed ~ hopefully not too noticeably! We have dumb phones too! A smart phone has its place but people make it their whole lives and are quite rude about checking it all the time during meals, games, etc. We don't all need to be that "on call" with the rest of the world 24/7. donna

  2. I actually did away with my cell phone and share my husbands .
    I do like the net as a library of info , I just tell myself I watch less Tv now, but I certainly can get lost in there for sure !

  3. My husband went to the phone store to get a replacement and they almost wouldn't sell him the basic. They said they didn't have that model until he pointed it out- the $20 no camera makes and receives calls phone. They couldn't believe he really wanted one of them!