Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trying my hand at Sour Dough

I decided to try my hand at Sour Dough after watching a you tube video from Noreen's Kitchen. I was a little nerves about it. But like she said " It's just a little flour and liquid. No big lose if it doesn't work out." She made two kinds of starter fruit juice and beer. I chose the beer one to make. I had some left over from making chili. I do have juice from my peaches in the frig to try the other one.
She called for a fermenting top. One I didn't have one and two I found out they were  expensive. So I bought a grease guard from the dollar store. I was able to get four screen tops out of it.
I like the way it turned out. I am also using one for pickles. Not bad for being only a buck instead of 12 dollars for one, plus shipping.
After 7 days of feeding and stirring this is what it looked like. I was glad to hear that as long as you used it and feed it once a week it would stay alive in the frig. I did have one little problem . I took it out of the frig and left it out over night with out using some first. I had planned on using it in the morning. Any way some time during the night it had raised over the jar and on to my counter. Lesson learned. Next time I will take it out about a half an hour before I need to use it. Just so it can warm up a little.
                               This was my first attempt to use it. They turned out so good.
This bread was soooo good! I decided to make a cheese and jalapeno  bread. I shaped it and cooked it on my pizza stone. Next time I won't pat it out so thin. It didn't rise as high as I would of like ( cooks error ).

( This is a image from the wed of sour dough pancakes. I thought I would have left overs to take a picture of . I was wrong.)

These  pancakes had an excellent flavor.  I did cut the sugar down from what the recipe called for.. It called for a cup and a half of sugar. That sounded like a lot to me. I cut it down to half a cup. They were perfect. There is a warning with these. You have to plan ahead. All the sour dough pancake recipes calls for making a sponge  with the starter the night before.

 I started the sour dough three weeks ago. So far so good. As I write this I am letting some of my started rise so I came make Sour Dough English Muffins. Will let you know how they turns out.


  1. All this looks so good! I've always wanted to try the starter bread but am too intimidated by it. You make it sound easy. I am inspired :-)

  2. You are making me so hungry! Looks good.

  3. Yum! I ran one all over the counter too when I tried it--how funny. It may have been a pain to clean up, but still had plenty to cook with. Your recipes look wonderful.

  4. YUM!
    Sourdough starter is on my list of things to try.
    thanks for the tutorial :)

  5. Havne't made sour dough bread in several years, you have made me want to start making it again! A friend of mine made cinnamon rolls with her sour dough starter. Everything that she made was good!

  6. I havn't made any sourdough in a while. I always forget to feed it after a while and end up throwing it out. I never had any run over on to the counter...hmmm. Maybe I did something wrong and that is why I didn't like the bread. Your bread lookd delish...could go for a taste test right now..have any left over?

  7. Stopping by to wih you luck with your soap...something I would like to do, but LYE...really? I'm way to clumsy for that sort of thing...Hope you found everything you needed and looking forward to seeing your finished product.