Monday, July 1, 2013

July's monthly garden photos

 I had seen on other blogs where they pick a garden or animal to talk photos of every month. This way they could showed the changes throughout the year. This is my second month and already I am seeing  just how must differences a month makes. I have three gardens this year. A container garden , raised bed garden and a ground garden. I seem to be adding a garden each year .We started with one garden three years ago and have added on each year. My husband is really starting to get worried about next year. 

 These first photos are of my ground garden.
 My 8 Spaghetti Squash are all in bloom .
 Several of them have squashes already starting .
 I have pumpkin and corn growing where ever they like.The deer must of spread the seeds thru out the garden when they got into it last year. I am letting them alone to do they own thing.
 My green beans look great. I can't wait for them to start climbing.
 The watermelon is also from last year. I am happy to see it return this year. Since we couldn't find Sugar Baby seeds this time around.

 These are my peas. I am hoping they get pods before it gets too hot.
 I only have about a row and a half of beets since I didn't realize they won't weed till after I dug up 2 and a half rows. Note to self pay more attention when in the garden!
 More of my volunteers.
 Can you see the little bloom under my bush cucumber ? All 6 are starting to get them. Yaaaay!
 This was the best angle I could get of the container garden.
 Lots of green tomatoes, and one little yellow one.
 I am not sure what variety these are . They are a darker green on the tops.
 I have three baby peppers.
  This was my first garden ( three years ago).
 I have already harvested a lot of the carrots. This weekend I hope to plant more.
 These radishes are seeming to take forever.
 More tomato plants: these are my Roma Tomatoes.

 My Zucchini has really taken off this year.

 I will never get a strawberry pie out of this bed. My husband eats them as soon as they are ripe. He is worse then the birds.
 My poor potatoes. I keep replanting them and destroying the ground squirrels hole under the bed, but he just finds another way in.
I HAVE HEADS!!!! I was beginning to  wonder if they would ever get heads. I have 6 beautiful heads of cabbage.
 As you can see a lot of changes just in the last month. And I am happy with all but one of them. Bet you can guess which one.


  1. I get so excited seeing all the blossoms and shoots! Looks beautiful.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful Michelle! I like using raised beds too, we just have a big problem with fire ants here. They will build a bed under the wood. Guess that no matter where you live, there are garden invaders! Love the pic of the cabbage!

  3. Wow. Looks great. We are getting rain, and rain and rain. Weeds are a comin'

  4. I have the same problem with my strawberries! lol Your garden looks beautiful!

  5. I think your garden is great! We had the best of intentions..planted potatoes and strawberries. The potatoes didn't come up and the strawberries are doing ok.

    Have a great week and a Happy 4th Michelle!


  6. I am so excited for you. This will be your best harvest ever!!! Everything looks awesome to me. I am sad I moved away just as your green thumb took root, but I will enjoy seeing it al on here too. Love ya!

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    Have a great day dear

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  8. Hello! I'm endah from indonesia. Your blog is very exciting. Your garden look so great. I guess you will get best harvest this year. Nice to see your blog. I'll wait for your garden progress and newest picture. See you...