Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dreams do come true.

 As many of you know Heidi ( ) and I are best friends. I have been blessed to be able to join  her on her journey to see her dreams come true. It has been one of ups and downs.

 She first saw this house two years ago and fell in love. It had been taken over by the banks then put on the auction block. But unfortunately it was cash only. Heidi stood and watched as the house sold and her dream slipped thru her fingers. So she thought.
While looking for a new love about a year later  she ran across the house once again up for sale.  The true buyers of the house turned out to be puppets of the drug cartel. The story is a old one. But a true one. Find a house away from people. Build a huge barn. Grow pot in it. Never get caught. To bad no one told them that only worked in the movies. This is one time crime paid. At least for Heidi, she is now the proud owner of her dream home
Please join me as I take a walk  around her lovely property.

This is the start of her first garden , this one is going to be used as a bees and medicinal herbs garden. The second one will be a veggi garden for her an her animals.
                              She has 6 1/2 acres of of some of the most beautiful pasture out there.
                                     Jerry did a great job of hiding the old pump house.
                                      As you leave the front gate this is the view on your left.
                                       The view as you turn right.
                                       The following pictures are of Heidi's property.

    The river is from a Glacier fed lake in the Sequoia National Park and runs down onto her property.
Her property line runs right down the middle of the river. Luckily the fish don't know this. Guess whats for dinner?
                      This is the road leading to the front gate of this closed mountain community.

Thank you for joining me on a walk thru Heidi Gonzales property.   Please join me tomorrow in a walk thru this beautiful mountain side.


  1. If I lived here I would never leave. Beautiful.

  2. So happy for Heidi!! The view is gorgeous!

  3. who can't feel uplifted and hopeful after reading this.? This looks like a beautiful property, and is a dream come true. Thank you for sharing gives me hope that maybe one day...mine will come true also.:) Blessings and Congratulations to Heidi...

  4. Thanks Michelle for taking us on a tour of Heidi and Jerry's new property! What a hoot about the drug cartel money losing out, serves them right!!

  5. Wonderful! I love this story and the friendship you two share...I'm so glad Heidi has this gorgeous place.