Friday, October 5, 2012

When did helping people become a crime?

I am still having problems understanding what happen tonight. I know people are becoming rude and morals are going down hill. But if your back yard is on fire don't you want somebody to call the fire department?
I was up late last night waiting for my husband to get home. I smelled smoke, so I went outside. There was fire and smoke coming from behind my neighbors house across the street. Since their lights were on, I assumed that the house behind them was on fire. They go to bed early and have little ones. I called 911 and told them we had a fire. They asked the house number, which I didn't know . They asked me to walk up the street and get the house number. As I rounded the corner of the street I noticed that it wasn't at the house behind my neighbors. But in my neighbors back yard. I run up to the front door and when the person inside answered, I told her that her back yard was on fire. They have a 6 foot fence around their yard, so all I could see was flames thru the slits in the wood.
I walked back around the corner and heard water running. I asked thru the fence if everyone was ok. And if the fire was under control. The person on the other side yelled back. For me to mind my own f###ing  business . I told her I just wanted to know so I could call the fire department back to cancel the call. From there she just started laying into me. I won't burn your ears with everything she said. She just stared attacking me vocally.
 I wave or say hi when I see them, but have never talked to them. I don't even know their names. Found out later from Heidi that she use to be a fire fight. How was I to know that. But that still didn't give her a reason to go off on me the way she did.
It seems to be the now trend to be rude and mean. My husband said I should just let it burn to the ground next time. But that isn't right either.


  1. Strange...I wonder what was going on behind the fence.

  2. Hi Michelle and I'm sorry your neighbor was so rude. There really was not reason for her to be so ugly. She must just be a mean person to not have thanked you and then told you what she was up to. Some people, huh? Well, you were doing the right thing because you are a good person. Keep on doing the right thing and you'll be blessed.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. All I can say is WOW! Unbelievable how hateful our society is becoming. Not sure about where you live, but we have a burn ban and you can't burn without a permit, which you wouldn't have known about if your neighbor had one. However, calling the Fire Dept. was the right thing. And if she USED to be a firefighter, makes you wonder why she's not one now. Maybe her attitude????

    1. I live in California . We have a burn ban also with out a permit. I don't know if she had one or not. But why wait till late at night to burn?

  4. Jeez, you were only trying to make sure their house didn't burn down!! You did the right thing Michelle!

  5. No good deed goes unpunished. Bad deedsters think they rule the world.

    Our neighbor's teenage daughter set the woods on fire burning trash in a metal barrel. The neighbor called and asked me not to call the fire department, because they didn't have a rural fire tag. They would have to pay the cost of fighting the fire. Her husband was feverishly digging trenches and spraying the garden hose. She called me to make sure I got both my kids out safe, in case the fire jumped from the woods to our cedar house.

    All for the lack of a $50 fire tag.

  6. Anytime something happens like that, and people are not grateful, I assume they were doing something illegal- making meth, etc. Why else would they not want the fire dept to show up? And late at night? Something is not right there.