Saturday, August 20, 2011

dehydrating veggies

 Wanted to try my hand on dehydrating veggies. I was surprised how many you could dehydrate.  Since I had two heads of cabbage,I thought I would start there.

What I really liked was the dehydrator did all the work for me. It  took18 hours to dry.

When I saw this I wasn't sure it worked. It looked really brown to me.I summoned all my courage up to try it. To my surprise it had a intense flavor,but really good.

I bagged it up and placed it in a cool and dark place . I did give one to my friend Heidi. She has hers on the counter. Which she eats as a snack.

Squash was next on my list.I cut it into 1/4 inch rings.It took two large size squashes.

I layed it in single layers. Any veggies you use have to be in single layers. All the time and veggies you can dehydrate ( It will surprise you what you can use.) are at.  There is  also recipes  for the produce from the garden.

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  1. Great post Michelle! The yellow squash looks awesome too, and yeah, I DO eat my dried cabbage as a snack. It's nearly calorie free and flavorful. Thanks for making it for me. HUGS!