Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hades has frozen over!

  Hades has truly frozen over. I never thought I would live to see both cats in the same bed. Dusty is my little female God Father. Everything  has to be her way. If she wants the bed and buttercup is in it she will chase her out. Dusty even chases our dogs off their beds. And I have 2 big dogs.
We are also not immune to her getting her way. If I am on the phone and she wants me off she will push  her way in between the phone and my ear. Forget about reading, she will literary use her body to send it flying. So for her to share the cat bed with Buttercup was a real shock. Maybe the God Father is softening.  Ya, only in my dreams.
 Dusty is the grey one. You can see Diva written all over her face. Buttercup is just a sweet heart. As you can see from this picture my curtains are in their bed. Can anyone tell me why they do this.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am blaming Heidi

  I am blaming Heidi because I have no one else to blame. And a course I am not blaming myself.  She has decided to raise chickens. I was excited for her. She has wanted to raise chickens for a while. So off to the feed store she went yesterday. She came home with the supplies and 12 chicks. They were really cute.
 She said I should get a few Americana's that they laid the Easter Eggs.    No thank you! I had my hands full with the ones I have. Plus my hen house is very small.  Heidi asked if I wanted to go with her to pick her's up today. I thought sure why not. That was the first mistake. Even if your positive you won't buy any thing. DON'T GO AROUND CUTE ANIMALS ! They have a ability to put a spell on you.I was fine till this cute little blond one came up to me.  She just step up onto my hand. I am not kidding you. My heart did a little flip flop.

                                                               This is the little heart breaker.   

 But I was safe ,I have 3 cats so I couldn't take her home. I got out of that one.
Heidi being the ever loving friend offered to raise  her till we could  put her with my hens safely. There was my second mistake. Never have a friend that is willing to help you out of a jam you want to be in. She said that if I didn't take it she would. My Bird! She wanted my bird! Third mistake possessiveness!  Ok, get the bird and get out before you end up buying more.  Heidi purchased her birds and we headed back to her house. I did buy one for my daughter. ( shown below)

 She fell in love with hers too. So you can now see how this is Heidi fault  right? Ya, I told you I wasn't taking the blame.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reason number 5 . WhyI love my husband.

This is a matted picture I found for $39.  The store was going out of business, and the owners were retiring which made for some great deals. I set the picture up against my dinning room table so you could see  how tall it is( 49 in tall by36 in wide ). I know that's big, but it had a cat on it! Who can pass that up?  We took the picture to a frame shop to have it framed. I was still chocking on the price when we walked out. They wanted $360 for a basic frame and plexiglass. I don't know about you...but even if I had that much to spend on a frame I wouldn't.
So my wonderful husband volunteered  to make me a frame. He had never made one before,but was willing to give it a try. 

  He added a rope detail to it. Which ended up adding a little class to the frame.

 Rick spent his whole weekend off, working on my frame. He made sure I was happy with each step before he moved on to the next.  Who know making a frame could make me feel so special.

  Here is the finished project. Sorry about the glare. I took several pictures  but could never get rid of it I also notice after I posted the picture that he forgot to wipe his finger prints off from when he hung it.

  This is a close up of the frame.  It turned out so much better then the basic one they wanted for $360.  I am so happy. I love the way it turned out!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tehachapi Train Depot


This was what our train depot looked like in the middle of its renovation's The train Depot has been here almost since the start of the town. It needed a lot of work

They had just finished the renovations to the outside and were working on the inside. When it caught on fire, due to fire works. A group of people accidentally aimed a roman rocket  at it. Since they saved and used as much of the old wood as they could. It didn't take long for it to go up in flames.

These are pictures of the depot after it's second renovation.About a year and a half later.

The benches carry the names of the donors. We couldn't of done it with out them.

They also added tables and chairs for tourist to enjoy the day. Or have a nice lunch before going inside. Please join me on a tour inside the depot.

Scales and wagon used to put trunks on the train.

Lanterns used for signaling

Pictures on the walls are of crew and thier work days

This was the waiting room for the train.

Office of the head of the depot.

This is a model of the Tehachapi Loop. they raffled it off during one of our festivals

these are some of the items the train would carry.

Items used on the train.

This is a old picture of the train depot. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for visiting a small part of my town.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We saved the bloooms

 As you know from an earlier post. We had a bad snow storm. We tried  using tarp to try to save our blooms on our trees. It worked. Look at all the blooms. I am so happy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lights Action Camera

Work was really different yesterday. First off I had to be in at 6:30. Wait I am getting a head of my self. I work as a waitress at Kelcy's. It is a restaurant that was started in the 1930's called Krusty's. In the 1960's Kelcy bought it. It is the same now as it was back then. When you walk in ,it's like walking back in time. Everything is styled after the 50's.
This is a picture of the restaurant. You will be seeing it again in a Dodge commercial. They spent all day Wednesday filming  a 4th of July parade out front. Then yesterday they were filming inside of the restaurant. They had the whole front decorated . It looked like they used the decorations to try to hide the name of the restaurant. But I am not sure. I'll find out for sure when it airs. I took a lot of pictures of the crew , actors, and their equipment. Only to find out I could  use them for private use,but couldn't put them on the internet.

                  So the picture that started this post is from the internet. The rest are of the restaurant.
We had to close the restaurant to our regular customers till they were done. We have a small group that meets there this time every month. So we had to serve them. That's the reason I went in early.So we could get them in and out.

  At 7;00 they started bringing in lights, camera, equipment, and more cord then I  ever seen at one time. They were all very nice and polite.  We did have to hide in the back room and be quiet while they were filming . I had a deck of cards in my purse. So we played poker using jellies to bet with. I learned one important thing out of that. The next time I go to Vegas I am so taking Megan with me! We got to see them do some of the filming inside.We all agreed that you could tell the cooks were actors. They were to clean. Every true cook has at least one grease stain on them. We also watched them  thru the front windows when they were filming outside. They finished up at about 11:00 for our part. Then moved on to the next street and the barber shop. I asked when it might be out. They said in about two weeks. So if you see a Dodge commercial with cars and trucks in a 4th of July parade. We are the restaurant the waitress and customers run out of to see the parade. I don't know how much if it will be in the commercial since they said they only use half of what they film.  I almost forgot. They also used Christian's truck in it. They paid her $200 for the use of it. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

                           When I see the commercial on the air I will give everyone a heads up.

Monday, March 19, 2012

What a weekend! Surprises, Fears and Beauty.

As you know from my earlier post. After work Friday  we had to go to Home Depot to get plastic to cover everything before the storm hit.
                                                 You can see the storm rolling in.

Saturday we woke up to rain instead of snow. So Rick decided to go to Bakersfield. I thought he had lost his mind. It's an hour a way. If it started snowing we could be stuck in the valley.  But he wanted to go,so off we went. I soon found out why it was so important to him. He had to go to Barnes and Nobles. I thought it was to get his books for his collage courses. Boy was I wrong. He was there to pick up  the Nook Tablet he had ordered for me. I have only been drooling over it for months. He also bought me the DVD Lord of the Dance. Since it was Saint Patty's day, you know I had to watch this while eating Corn Beef and Cabbage.
Add Jammie's and a fire  HEAVEN!
                        Woke Sunday to snow and more snow. Hope my plant and trees make it thru.
You have to admit it was beautiful. Since our Church is out in the country, we decided to stay home. The last thing we needed was to get stuck. It snowed all day long ,which made for one very cozy day. We just relaxed and spent family time together.  A real treat for us since we all work different days and shifts.
                                              The dogs had a blast playing in the snow.
It snowed so heavy you could barely see the mountains. That didn't stop us from taking a walk in the snow.
Try to get a picture of the snow falling that night. Didn't do to good of a job. Over all it was a great weekend. One I wouldn't mind repeating.

Trash can potatoes.

I saw a video on u-tube for growing potatoes in a garbage can. It looked like fun. And besides what did I have to lose. I am always up for new things. It turned out to be pretty easy. Right up my ally. You get a trash can and put 4 to holes in the bottom. Sorry I don't have pictures. Once again the brain wasn't working. I really need to talk to it about  those afternoon naps. After you make the holes add some rocks. I just used some from my yard. Then add 4 inches of dirt. The stick was 4 inches,so I used it for a guide. after adding the dirt place 3 starter potatoes in the can then place an inch to an inch and a half of soil over it. Again no pictures. I beginning to think my brain tends to wander from home.  Ok Michelle back on track. After the potatoes are covered water really well. Then bungie cord plastic over the top. Put in a place where it will get lots of sun. After the weather warms up you can take the plastic off. Once the plant has grown 7 inches cover 4 inches of the plant with soil. leaving 3 inches. When it has grown to be 7 inches tall again cover 4 inches with soil. Repeat this possess till it reaches the top of can. Then let it grow. When the leaves turn brown and fall over,just dump the can over to get the potatoes. You should get 50 to 60 pound of potatoes.
Now I remember to take a picture .Go figure!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

And the winners are.

 Thank you everyone for playing. This was a lot of fun . I hope you will join me on my next giveaway. Here are your winners.
                 Congratulations Quilting "b" ! You have won the dishwasher magnet.
Congrats Simply Scaife Family ! You have won the washing machine magnet.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bloom and Doom

                         Look at all those blossoms. I would love to see them on Monday.
This is the storm rolling in. We are expecting snow, rain and cold weather all weekend. Not good for fruit trees and plants.Hopefully we are able to save them.
 We found drawstring tarps at Home Depot . They looked like our best option. We  lost some flowers putting it on,but that's better then losing them all. This one is our plum tree.

We also covered our peach tree. I am not worried about our three apple trees since they haven't flowered yet.
 I also had to cover my onions and carrot. The lettuce and cabbage should be ok. They have been snowed on before.
The carrots already have small leafs poking out of the ground. Wish me luck that nothing freezes. And my blooms live to see another day.